Legal Toolkit Ohio Employment and Labor Relations

What to Do About Employment and Labor Relations


If you are considering consulting an attorney about an employment issue it is best to not talk it over with anyone, especially co-workers or your employer, but treat the matter as your private business.


Have an attorney review an employment agreement before you sign it to be sure you completely understand the agreement points including how signing it may affect future career moves or your ability work for a competitor.


Apply for unemployment benefits as soon as possible after losing a job, as it can take several weeks after filing a claim to receive your first benefit check.


When you file an unemployment benefits claim, you will be asked certain questions, such as social security numbers, names, addresses and dates about your former employment. To make sure your claim is not delayed, be sure to give complete and correct information.


Document statements or occurrences of workplace discrimination or sexual harassment by keeping notes, dating and describing the instances in writing, and identifying any witnesses. If written or printed instances of discrimination or sexual harassment are available, retain these to share with a labor and employment attorney. All documentation should be kept someplace safe outside of the workplace (not on a work computer


Keep copies of your employment reviews, job descriptions, job postings, employee benefits information, employee handbooks and any official employee reprimands.