Legal Toolkit Ohio D.U.I./Criminal and Traffic Defense

What to Know About D.U.I./Criminal and Traffic Defense


If you or a loved one have committed or have been charged with committing a crime, quick contact with experienced criminal defense representation is extremely important. If necessary, a criminal defense attorney can help arrange a situation for you to turn yourself in to police; they can anticipate the different ways your legal situation may be interpreted according to the law and what the best options may be; they can advocate and observe that your constitutional rights are followed; they can arrange for investigation of evidence against you and interview of potential witnesses; they can represent you in trial; and should you be convicted, they may be able to negotiate a lower sentence for you.


O.V.I., O.M.V.I. and D.U.I. are different terms for the same thing. Different people use different terms, but in Ohio they all mean the same thing (Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of drugs or alcohol). The most correct term is O.V.I.


If you are convicted of O.V.I., the possible penalties include jail time, a fine, a driver’s license suspension, seizure/immobilization/forfeiture of your vehicle and impoundment of your plates, as well as six points on your driver’s license. You will also be required to pay a license reinstatement fee and maintain proof of insurance with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, which may result in obtaining high-risk insurance. The mandatory minimum penalties and the severity of your sentence depend on how many times you have been convicted of O.V.I. in the last six years. In Ohio, if the result of your breath or blood test is over .17, or if the result of your urine test is over .238, the minimum mandatory jail sentence is doubled. Note also that there are variations to these penalties, and the penalties are occasionally changed by the state legislature.