Legal Toolkit Ohio Bankruptcy, Debt and Consumer Law

What to Bring About Bankruptcy, Debt and Consumer Law



  1. A list of all Creditors and the nature and amount of their claims
  2. Source, amount, and frequency of income (include separate information about spousal income even if filing individually)
  3. List of all property
  4. Detailed list of monthly living expenses (i.e. food, clothing, shelter, utilities, taxes, transportation, medicine, etc)
  5. Copies of tax returns for past 2 years
  6. Social Security #’s of everyone living in home


Identity Theft

  1. Copies of any documents related to ID Theft; copies of ID Theft Affidavit filed with FTC or attorney general, copies of BBB complaints, copies of Police Report, copies of Credit Reports, copies of accounts closed due to fraudulent activity


Credit Report Errors

  1. Copies of written letters of dispute to credit reporting agencies and creditors and copies of erroneous credit reports