Immigration and Visas

Why should I hire an Immigration Attorney?
U.S. immigration law is complex and changes rapidly. Immigration attorneys are trained to function as advocates for their clients in this complicated area of law, which includes navigating the roles of three different government agencies and all the forms necessary in the process. Also, there may be multiple methods to securing the immigration benefits desired and an immigration attorney will be trained and experienced to know the best method for your case.
I can’t afford an immigration attorney. If I want to do this on my own, can I?
It is challenging for a layperson to successfully navigate U.S. immigration law on their own. It can be more cost-efficient and speedy to hire an immigration attorney who has experience in this area to help you. Also, immigration attorneys often accept payment plans or credit card payments. If you decide you still don’t want to (or can’t) use an attorney, it may be possible to do it on your own. You can go to for more information about this. You can also go to the Department of Justice at ( for a list of accredited representatives who may be able to help you with immigration issues for a reduced rate or on a pro bono basis.
Where can I find immigration forms?
Immigration forms can be found at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services offices or at or at any USCIS offices.
What will immigration filing fees cost me?
Depending on your situation, fees for filing each immigration form range from $160-$1,000 plus an additional $70 per person (for most applicants) for fingerprinting service. The Immigration Forms section of gives filing fees depending on the situation and forms filed (scroll down through the forms to see filing fees). Employment-based filing fees can be in excess of $2,000, but an employer may be required to pay for some of these fees.
What kind of timing can I expect on immigration issues?
The USCIS (immigration service) provides an updated timeline on their website. Go to and choose your district office location from the drop-down list for updated processing dates for that office.