Employment and Labor Relations

East Columbus

Maritza S. Nelson

Law Office of Maritza S. Nelson, LLC

I provide sophisticated legal counsel for serious entrepreneurs. As your trusted legal advisor, I want to help you pursue your passions and reach the next level of business success. And I do it all in a way that adds value to your business: by educating you on the legal issues you face, offering flat fees, and providing value added services to my clients.


Emily Lewis

Law Offices of Emily Lewis, LLC

25 years in employment law representing employers and employees with a significant concentration in school law and student/parent advocacy.


Chanda L. Brown

Walton + Brown LLP

Chanda is an experienced trial attorney with a commitment to providing quality care.


Karen Poling

Karen Poling Law, LLC

Affordable, compassionate, courteous service focused on family law issues, including divorce, custody, and support, and on employment law issues.


Dianne DiNapoli Einstein

Einstein Law, LLC

I assist clients through life-changing transitions of losing a job or going through a divorce, adoption or a child custody fight.


Mary Lewis Turner

Einstein Law LLC

I assist my clients through life’s big transitions, whether you have lost your job, are going through a divorce, or own a small business and need to stay in compliance with the laws, Einstein Law, LLC is here for you.

Grandview Heights

Henry A. Arnett

Livorno and Arnett Co., LPA

We represent employees and labor unions in labor matters, and injured workers who need help in their worker’s compensation claims.