The Columbus Bar Announces

June 6, 2008

The Columbus Bar Announces...

exciting enhancements to its online lawyer search site. The site, originally known as, has recently undergone substantial changes designed to improve its visibility on the web, including a name change that will make a clearer connection with consumers and small businesses. The site will now be known as The changes come as a result of months of consulting with website marketing experts focused on how best to help the site come up sooner in search engine (Google, etc) legal phrase searches.

After extensive research and analysis of multiple name choices, conveys the clearest possible meaning to the broadest possible group of site visitors, and will improve search engine and consumer ability to find and understand the site.

Site traffic has been strong and improves each month. Since January 1, 2008, the site has seen 1,031,305 hits from 10,910 unique visitors to the site. That group of 10,000+ people visited the site 18,094 times and viewed 94,515 pages, spending an average of 3 minutes and 13 seconds per visit. It is expected that changes to the name and search engine friendliness of the site will increase the numbers of consumers and small businesses who access the site seeking legal representation.

The site was also analyzed for the cost effectiveness of the online advertising it provided to Columbus Bar members. To help the vehicle work better for practices of all sizes and practitioners of all levels of experience, minimum contracts were shortened to three months and all new subscribers to the site will now get an additional two free months on the site. At the $150/month rate, a new subscriber would get 5 months of quality online advertising exposure for only $450.

A graphic designer has retooled the logo to reflect the new name and new advertising will be appearing soon in the Arena District and at Easton Town Center. In addition, online advertising, via Google Adwords, will continue to drive highly interested consumers and small businesses to the site.

Columbus Bar members who are interested in participating on the site can go to the bottom of any page on the site, at, and click “Join” for more information and the ability to build a free test profile. Anyone who has questions or would like any assistance building a profile should contact Anne Leonard-Palmer at or 340.2030.

The Word on the Street...

Rosemary Ebner Pomeroy
“The Liam site has brought a sophisticated group of potential clients with specific questions regarding adoption law. Not all inquiries have resulted in a client, however, the questions they ask indicate to me that they know what they are looking for in representation. In general, in estate planning/probate and adoption, potential clients seem to have a great knowledge of their legal needs, and they get to the gist of the matter, directly.”

Stephanie Dailey
“Being a member of LiamLaw has been a great experience and I have already seen an increase in volume of work at my office! Everyone I have dealt with at Liam is professional and courteous. The exposure is great and I encourage other attorneys to join this wonderful service."

Frederic Portman
“I am encouraged by the changes as I believe they will be at least, if not more effective than other search engines. Thank you for the hard work.”

George Luther
“I have been retained by several clients who would not have found me but for Liam. Very pleased.”

James Bownas
“… I got my first client referral on May 23—that works out to one client every 21 days. This particular client had been using a law firm near his home, but they appeared to him not terribly interested in his case. That's when he decided to search topically through LiamLaw and selected what he feels is a much better fit. For what it's worth, my daughter looked me up on LiamLaw, and she was impressed with the content and user-friendliness of the profile.”

David Levine
“Through Liamlaw, in the space of less than one year, I have been introduced to several quality matters and clients who I likely would not have met without Liam.”

Jon Saia
“Just retained on a case from Liam this week! Liam is a great referral source for finding an attorney who practices within a specific area of law. The name change to ColumbusLawyerFinder and the website will make it easier to locate an attorney should the need arise. From marketing standpoint, Liam provides presence on the web at an affordable rate.”

Brad Koffel
“I like the fact that clients can contact a trusted source, the Columbus Bar, and get a handful of names of lawyers within select practice concentrations. It is a valuable resource for the local area and it quickly matches clients with lawyers in specific fields.”

Timothy Gerrity
“…I will say however that there is no doubt in my mind that this has been a productive arrangement and I will be with you until one of the other of us quits. Probably me first, having entered middle age.”