Columbus Bar attorneys protest repression of lawyers and judges in Pakistan

November 15, 2007

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – As turmoil continues in Pakistan following President Pervez Musharraf's declaration of martial law, attorneys in Central Ohio gathered to protest the situation.

Hundreds of attorneys turned out in front of the state house in Columbus Wednesday to make their position known, NBC 4's Tom Brockman reported.

"What we're asking for is the elections go forward in Pakistan without the repression, without the jailing of judges, without the repression of the press," Nelson Genshaft, president of the Columbus Bar Association, explained.

While attorneys said that they realized that their demonstration here will probably not have any kind of impact on what happens in Pakistan, they said that they're here to get across an important message.

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer was among the demonstrators.

"We're not going to affect anything in Pakistan, that's not the point," Moyer said. "It's to remind us that here is a country that claims to be a constitutional democracy… some of their leaders don't recognize that or follow those principals. It all depends on people, it all depends on the character of people in leadership."