May 14, 2007

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Columbus Bar unveils Liam, at , a consumer-friendly website designed to provide central Ohioans with local attorney profiles and a legal tool kit to prepare them.


Liam features in-depth profiles of member attorneys, helping consumers make a more comfortable and informed decision about hiring legal help. From an attorney’s law school, employment, and significant case background to why they decided to enter the field of law, what they like to do in their free time, and whether they have a pet, Liam helps consumers get to know an attorney before they hire them. These straight-forward online vignettes are presented to the public at no cost and they free people from the guesswork that often accompanies the arduous task of choosing legal help.


“Liam has been created to connect local consumers with local attorneys,” said Alex Lagusch, executive director of the Columbus Bar. “We will not clutter our consumer’s experience with anything that doesn’t help them find a local attorney and feel more informed and positive about the entire legal process.”


Liam is entering the scene when legal Internet searches are at an all-time high nationally and locally. Yahoo users alone, in 2006, searched more than 600,000 times for the phrase “Columbus and Ohio lawyers and/or attorneys.”


“Many consumers appreciate the privacy and ability for self-information that the web provides in contrast to having to discuss an embarrassing or complicated legal need with a friend or neighbor in order to find an attorney. Liam also provides much more information about attorneys and the law than any printed phone directory, enabling local consumers to access all the information they need at a time and in terms convenient to them,” said Lagusch. “We believe that Liam will empower central Ohioans to make confident choices regarding their legal options.”


“Liam’s Legal Tool Kit is easy to understand and geared toward preparing the consumer for his or her first meeting or phone call with an attorney,” Lagusch said. “Each section tells them what to know, what to do, what to bring, what to expect, where to read more, and what to ask. Additionally, a legal glossary, FAQ’s about each legal area, and a section titled “How to Hire an Attorney” further helps the consumer inform and prepare themselves.”


The Columbus Bar also has a successful Lawyer Referral Service by telephone that receives more than 40,000 calls annually from people looking for legal help. In keeping with its mission to advance the justice system for all, the Columbus Bar established, another enterprise in a long line of services aimed at ensuring equal access to due process. For more information, please visit or