Ohio Law Basics

Adoption and Surrogacy
International Adoption, Private Adoption, Grandparent Adoption, Stepparent Adoption, Single Parent Adoption, Inter-State Adoption, Open Adoption, Closed Adoption, Foster Parent Adoption, Special Needs Adoption, Birth Parent Representation, Agency Finalization, Traditional Surrogacy, Gestational Surrogacy, Surrogate Mothers, Assisted Reproduction Technology
Bankruptcy, Debt and Consumer Law
Personal Bankruptcy, Garnishments, Banking, Insurance, Investments, Identity Theft, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, Debt Settlement, Foreclosure Defense, Tax Resolution, Collector Harassment (FDCPA), Student Loan Debts
Criminal Law
Appeals, Burglary, Capital Crimes/Capital Cases, Child Abuse, Computer Crimes, Conspiracy, Domestic Violence, Drugs, Expungements, Federal Criminal Law, Grand Jury, Homicide and Assault, Juvenile, Misdemeanor, Post-Conviction Habeus Corpus, Probation Violations, Search & Seizure, Sex Offenses, Shoplifting, Theft and Fraud, White Collar, Immigration Fraud, Health Care Fraud
D.U.I./Criminal and Traffic Defense
DUI / OVI, Felony Auto Accidents, Forfeiture, Traffic and Moving Violations, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Theft and Fraud, Search & Seizure, Drugs, Shoplifting, Sex offenses, Juvenile, Burglary, White Collar, Federal Criminal Law, Post-Conviction Habeus Corpus, Conspiracy, Appeals, Capital Crimes/Capital Cases, Computer Crimes, Grand Jury, Homicide and Assault, CDL Suspension, Misdemeanor, Expungements, Probation Violations
Education, Schools, and Government
Schools, Student Rights, Individual Education Plans, Special Education, No Child Left Behind, Universities, Teacher Abuse, Title IX, Administrative Law, Civil Rights, Election Law, Government Agencies and Programs, Lobbying, Military Courts, State/Local/Municipal Law, Transportation, Affirmative Action, Discrimination
Employment and Labor Relations
Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, Employment Agreements, OSHA citations, Labor Relations/Union Issues, other employment issues, Harassment
Family Law and Divorce
Divorce, Spousal Support, Annulment, Prenuptial/Postnuptial, Power of Attorney, Stepparent Adoption, Custody, Support, Paternity, Domestic Partnerships and GLBT rights, Name changes, Restraining Orders, Family Mediation, Child Support, Joint Custody, Appeals, Guardianships, Disability Rights, Shared Parenting Plans, Grandparents’ Rights, Legal Separation, Dissolution/Uncontested Divorce, Collaborative Law
Immigration and Visas
Citizenship, Deportation, Employer Work Visas, Naturalization, Permanent Resident-Green Card, Political Asylum and Refugees, Undocumented Workers, Visas, H1-B Visas, L-1 Visas, B-Visitor Visas, Investor Visas, Family-based Visas
Injury and Accidents
Accidents, Dangerous Products, Intentional Injuries, Personal Injury Defense, Toxic Torts and Class Actions, Mass Accidents, Victims of Abuse, Personal Injury, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Work-related Accidents, Dangerous Conditions, Premise Liability, Product Liability, Negligence, Wrongful Death, Structured Settlements
Lawsuits and Appeals
Character Injury, Libel Injury Defense, Consumer and Lemon Law, Fraud, Actions concerning municipalities/states, Victims’ Rights, Contract Disputes, Lawsuit Defense, Small Claims, Appeals, Construction Law, Mold Issues, Discrimination, Slander, Insurance Disputes, Professional Licensing Issues
Malpractice by professionals-medical/legal, Malpractice by other professions, Medical Negligence, Misdiagnosis, Wrongful Death
Probate, Estate and Elder Law
Wills, Living Wills, Surrogacy, Probate, Trusts, Power of Attorney, Elder Law, Medicare, Adoptions, Marriage Licenses, Will Contests, Probate Litigation, Trust Disputes, Healthcare Power of Attorney, Guardianships, Contested Guardianships, Disability Rights, Contractual Beneficiary Issues, Joint Survivorship, Life Insurance, Fiduciary Removal, Contested Civil Commitments, Asset Protection
Real Estate, Housing and Foreclosure Defense
Tenant/Landlord, Buying/Selling Property, Leasing, Mortgages, Property Taxes, Renting, Condominiums, Zoning, Building codes, Foreclosure Defense, Public Housing, Section 8, Federal Subsidized Housing Rights, Mold Issues, Affordable Housing Development
Small Business Law and Litigation
Business Formation and Dissolution, Ownership Disputes/Fiduciary Relationships, Franchising, Liquor Licenses, Corp. Bankruptcy, Small Business Taxes, Commercial and Contract Law, Construction, Zoning, Commercial Money Collections, Nonprofits, Non-Competition and Trade Secrets, Antitrust and Trade, Banking and Finance, Commercial Insurance, Sports and Entertainment Law, Communications and Media, Fraud, Environmental Law, International Law, Internet, Mediation, ADA issues, Contract Disputes, Agribusiness, Patents and Trademarks, Collections, IRS Dispute Representation
Social Security and Veterans Benefits
Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income, Veteran's Disability Benefits
Federal Tax, State and Local Tax, Real Property Tax Valuation, Tax Controversies and Appeals, Valuations, Valuation Controversies
Workers Compensation
Workers' Compensation, Workers' Compensation Litigation
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