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Kelley G. Boller

Kelley G. Boller

I limit my practice to domestic relations and family law. I am passionate about helping families through difficult times.
Boller & Petty, LLC
(3 Attorneys)

Family Law and Divorce

400 S. 5th St.
Columbus, OH 43215

28 years

(614) 756-2827

(614) 540-7433

Why did you become an attorney?

Growing up, my sisters and I saw the passion my father had for law.  All three of us ended up pursuing law as a career.  One of my sisters took a position as a public defender while my father was the prosecuting attorney (in different counties though), which made for very interesting dinner conversations.  My other sister chose to represent children who had been abused or neglected and she eventually became a Juvenile Court Magistrate.  Her love for this area of the law got me interested in pursuing a career in family law.  After switching over to family law full-time, I have loved every second of it and could not imagine working in any other area. 

What experiences (work and personal) help you to be a better attorney?

I am lucky that I was able to work for Legal Aid in their domestic unit.  One of the greatest assets of working for Legal Aid is that attorneys are able to pursue what is best for their client without the restraint of dealing with billing the client.  Because I had that advantage for many years, I gained a great deal of experience in some of the nuances of domestic law that many attorneys do not have the luxury of pursuing.  I am able to take that experience and knowledge and apply it to my current clients. 

I have also taught criminal procedure, legal research methods, and legal writing at the University of Cincinnati. 

What made you choose your primary specialty focus of law?

My sister, who is currently a Magistrate in Juvenile Court, told me that she thought it would suit my personality.  I started volunteering as a Guardian ad Litem even before I graduated from law school.  She was certainly correct.  Every time I pursued any other area of law, I found myself feeling empty.  Practicing family law full-time is my passion. 

What makes your law firm unique?

Passion.  I founded this firm to help people.  Yes, I would like to make money, but my first and foremost goal is to help people going through a tough time.  I have always believed that if I follow my passion of helping people, then I would be able to make a living doing it.  This has been true so far. 

I want to help people going through bad situations.  It is difficult to have any kind of family law problem.  It is difficult to navigate the legal system.  It is difficult to find an attorney to trust.  It is difficult to figure out how to pay for the attorney.  I understand all of this.  I want to help families, not add to their worries.  That is why I do the following:

  1. I listen to the client. 
  2. I help the client understand the legal process.  
  3. I help the client figure out how to afford going through the legal process.
  4. I return phone calls, text messages, emails as soon as possible.  It is rare that it even takes 24 hours to get a response.
  5. I typically work 7 days a week.  Client’s problems don’t pop up just from 9-5 Monday through Friday.  I am accessible. 
  6. I fight hard for my clients to achieve a fair outcome.   

Describe your ideal client.

Honest and realistic. 

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be honest.  I cannot effectively represent someone who is not honest with me.  If someone misrepresents a situation to me, not only does it result in me giving the wrong advice, it can also mean that the advice that client gets will actually make their situation worse.   In addition, it almost always costs more money to try to fix the situation when the misrepresentation comes to light.  I understand the realities of divorce and custody law.  I do not sit in moral judgment of anyone who comes through my doors.   I only want the truth about the situation in order to effectively represent the client. 

In addition, if the client is not realistic about his/her situation and the likely outcome, this already difficult process will be even harder.   

Describe your personal interest and hobbies.

I have a partner and two kids.  I try to spend as much time as I can with them, but it is never as much as I would like.

I love soccer.  I have played for almost forty years.  I have played goalie throughout that entire time.  There is nothing more exciting than having a team rely on your performance.  I try my best to support the Crew and the national teams (men and women) whenever I can. 

My family is full of animal lovers.  We have three dogs: a Newfoundland, a Boxer and an Irish Setter (yes, it sounds like the beginning of a joke).  We also have a bearded dragon. 

I try to jog as often as I can, or more accurately, as often as I can make myself.  I have completed 10 half marathons, even though it might not look like it.  My Irish Setter loves to run, so I take her out as often as possible.  Our favorite route is on the Olentangy bike path.

My family loves to travel.  My family has a place in Canada that I visit when I can.  I don't like to be away from work or my clients for very long, so I try to limit my vacations to long weekends.     

Describe your charitable activities.

I do pro bono work for disabled veterans through Legal Aid.  

I participate in many free legal clinics throughout the city.

Family Law and Divorce
  • Annulment
  • Appeals
  • Child Support
  • Custody
  • Disability Rights
  • Dissolution/Uncontested Divorce
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Partnerships and GLBT rights
  • Grandparents’ Rights
  • Guardianships
  • Joint Custody
  • Legal Separation
  • Name changes
  • Paternity
  • Power of Attorney
  • Prenuptial/Postnuptial
  • Restraining Orders
  • Shared Parenting Plans
  • Spousal Support
  • Stepparent Adoption
  • Support

University of Cincinnati
B.A., 1993

University of Dayton
JD, 1996

Xavier University
MBA, 2000

Bar Association Membership

Columbus Bar Association


BA in Political Science from the University of Cincinnati

Admission with distinction

Incentive scholarships

Dean's List

JD from the University of Dayton

CALI AWARD in Criminal Justice

MBA from Xavier University

Court Admissions

All Ohio Courts
U.S. District Court, Southern District

Continuing Education

Every year I mentor a newly admitted member of the Ohio Bar.

I always satisfy the requirements of the Supreme Court.  More specifically, I focus the majority of my continuing legal education in the area of family law. 

I have also taught continuing legal education in the past. 

Bar Admission Date


Licensed In

Ohio (1996), #0066843

Significant Cases

Every single case I handle is significant.

Summary of Firm

Bob Petty and I created this firm in order to focus on family law.  We provide high quality legal representation at a fair price.  We make every effort to work with clients in order to alleviate the financial stress that comes with both the fracture of a family as well as the added expense of hiring an attorney.

Summary of Previous Employment

After law school, I worked for LexisNexis in the corporate sphere.  While I worked there, I also volunteered as a Guardian ad Litem, representing children in abuse and neglect situations, in order to maintain a presence in the area I love - family law.  Eventually I took a job working for Hamilton County Juvenile Court managing their family drug court, juvenile mental health court, and private custody mediation programs.  Working in administration left me with the desire to work one-on-one with clients.  This led me to work for the Columbus Legal Aid Society in their family law division.  I started my own law practice in 2010 and created the law firm of Boller & Petty in 2014.

Free Initial Consultation?

I offer a free initial phone consultation. 

Typical Retainer Fees

Retainer fees vary based upon the complexity of the situation.  We often can offer an installment payment plan to supplement a lower retainer fee.  Every family law problem is different.  Every family’s finances are different.  We create financial packages that reflect those differences.  We work hard to create a payment plan system that is fair to the client and the attorney. 

Fixed-Price Services and Fees

My firm offers fixed-price services for uncontested divorces and dissolutions.  Due to the complex nature of most family law situations, all other services are based upon an hourly rate. 

Fees by Hourly Rate

My hourly fee is $300


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